Why Fortnite Brought Building Back When Everyone Loves Zero Build Mode

Despite the popularity that Fortnite’s Zero Build Mode has brought to the battle royale game, Epic Games has chosen to reinstate building.

Despite the fact that Fortnite’s Zero Build proven to be a hit with players, Epic Games decided to reintroduce construction back into the battle royale mode. Following the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the game’s construction mechanics were removed, rendering players unable to construct structures, which had been the game’s main gameplay concept since its inception. Some fans may think the move was risky, but it has improved the game’s popularity and brought back both new and old players.

Due to the removal of the option to build, new mechanics such as an overshield have been included to ensure that rivals are not easily killed in combat. With the new Fortnite building adjustments, new ways of traversing the map, such as sprinting and mantling, are required to win in the Zero Build Mode. When fighting, players no longer have to worry about their construction and editing talents because everyone is now on a level playing field.

While the removal of buildings in Fortnite was ultimately advantageous to the game, some fans were dissatisfied because they believed it was what made Fortnite feel like Fortnite. The building was restored back into the game two weeks after it vanished, coupled with a message from Fortnite Games inviting users to “Play Your Way!” Many users posted their opinions about the two modes on the game’s Twitter page, sparking a debate about which one was superior.

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One of the most common arguments was that the Zero Build Mode made Fortnite dull and took away what made it stand out from other battle royale games. To some extent, this is correct, as building structures were a mainstay of the game, contributing to its original popularity. To others, the game may appear to be just another typical battle royale game.

In terms of resemblance, the overshield, as well as the sprinting and mantle mechanics, are similar to Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone. Building out of the way also generated a specific meta in terms of which weaponry to utilize against other players. As a result, items like snipers were nerfed in Fortnite to provide a more balanced game.

Regardless of how players feel about Zero Construct Mode, having the option to build proved to be a good move for Fortnite. Not only does it provide players with a diversity of gameplay experiences, but it also ensures that everything is fair at the end of the day while maintaining the game’s attractiveness. Fortnite is a game that is always surprising and changing, therefore it’s impossible to predict what bold move the game will take next.

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