Where to Find Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Season 3 of Fortnite debuted and significantly transformed the game. The island is largely safe for the first time in a long time (perhaps ever). There are no adversaries present that are attempting to obtain the Zero Point, yet Geno is still on the loose. There are no guards or henchmen from the Imagined Order to assault players.

The Vibin motif is ideal for this season because everything is bright, vibrant, and joyful. The western side of the map, where the Zero Point burst and transformed everything, is the essence of this. It even added new Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms, which are really useful.

These mushrooms are vital in any match, but they’re even more so now that there’s a weekly XP challenge in which players may earn shields by eating them. Here are some of the places where gamers can do so.

Fortnite Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms Locations in Chapter 3 Season 3

New sections of the map have been densely populated by these mushrooms. There’s undoubtedly a mushroom nearby if it’s new and vibrant. This means that anywhere in the vicinity of Reality Falls and Greasy Grove is a good target. These mushrooms can be found in the green-colored area of the map.

There are eight Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms in Greasy Grove, and many of them are fairly close to one other. Here are all of the mushrooms’ hiding places:

Fortnite Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms Locations in Chapter 3 Season 3

Reality Falls, on the other hand, has a few, and it’s probably a little safer than Greasy Grove, which is usually quite crowded. By bouncing on 10 mushrooms, players can acquire shields.

Each mushroom provides roughly 18 protection against bouncing. This implies that after just 6 mushrooms, Fortnite players will have used up all of their shields. Damage will have to be taken, therefore Greasy Grove would be a decent landing spot for this challenge.

The mushrooms, fortunately, are not a one-time use item. After a brief delay, players can bounce on them many times to gain shields, so they don’t have to land at Greasy Grove, bounce on six, suffer damage, bounce on two more, and then head to Reality Falls for more.

In fact, all of this might be accomplished with just one mushroom in one location. Loopers will almost certainly need to inflict damage on themselves, which grenades can easily achieve. Fall damage, on the other hand, will not function because the challenge specifies shields rather than HP.

Alternatively, Fortnite players can perform this throughout numerous matches, although damage is required for speedy completion.

How To Gain a Shield by Bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms

Once you’ve discovered a Slurp Bouncer mushroom in Fortnite, you’ll want to use it to get some shield, which is thankfully pretty simple.

All you have to do is jump atop the mushroom to acquire some shield as well as being thrown into the air. Not only do you acquire some defensive power, but you can also utilize a Slurp Bouncer mushroom to get away from an opponent player if necessary.

To complete this Fortnite Weekly challenge, you simply need to jump on one Slurp Bouncer mushroom.

It’s worth noting that if a Slurp Bouncer mushroom isn’t glowing, it won’t provide you with any protection. After a brief period of time, these mushrooms regain their shield power, but you can still employ their bouncing ability.

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